Prison Chaplaincy

The multifaith chaplaincy at HMP Lewes supports the establishment (and society) by providing pastoral and spiritual care for all prisoners and staff. Working inclusively - with respect and integrity - the chaplaincy team are committed, not just to the rehabilitation of offenders, but to the welfare of all who work at HMP Lewes.

The team endeavours to represent all religions, but whilst being faith-based we are not necessarily faith-promoting in the support we offer. We can, of course, advise on spiritual and religious matters, but we are also available to chat with any member of staff, on a friendly collegial basis, about anything at all. We will provide guidance and advice, if appropriate; locate resources for help and support, if necessary; or just provide a cup of tea and a listening ear, if required.

The chaplaincy team works closely with Sussex Pathways (a mentoring scheme for prisoners on release to the local area) and we also strive to maintain links with local faith communities. We have a weekly prayer request sheet, which can be sent out to prayer groups on request.

We are also available to give talks on prison ministry to any groups on request, but please be aware that we may have to book these far in advance, as our personnel resources are fairly limited.

As part of our ongoing vision, we hope to increase the opportunities for prisoners - on release and whilst resettling into the local area - to have appropriate support from local faith groups and communities. Recidivism is a major problem, so community support is crucial.

Acting Managing Chaplain

Chaplaincy, HMP Lewes, 1 Brighton Road, Lewes BN7 1EA

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