Prison Fellowship

Many of Prison Fellowship’s 2000 volunteers go into prisons all over the UK regularly to support prison chaplaincy. They work to see genuine change occur in as many as possible of the 85,000 plus offenders in UK prisons. They do this through assisting the running of the Sycamore Tree course, attending chapel services and Bible studies, others will pray, write letters to prisoners or take part in PF’s Angel Tree gift giving scheme between offenders and their families.

Here’s what one offender, Adam* said after he got involved in the victim awareness course, Sycamore Tree: “I was offered a place on the Sycamore Tree Course and thought I might as well do as many courses as I could while I was in prison rather than just waste away.

Meeting Catherine* who had been a victim of crime and hearing her story opened a door in my heart that I never knew I had. Going back to my cell after the course it hit me: I didn’t know how to show emotion or love or even to forgive or respect other people.... At sixteen all I wanted was loads of money and a fast car; now I just want to have a loving family, a real job and to help my community. My son looks up to me. If I can stop just one person from going down the road I took, it’s him.”

The local Prison Fellowship group for HMP Lewes provides volunteers to support the prison chaplaincy as well as praying regularly for the prisoners there. They specifically help facilitate the Sycamore Tree course, assist with Bible studies, facilitate ‘Angel Tree’ gift giving and they write letters to prisoners. In HMP Ford, the group assists particularly with Chapel services.

If you would like to get involved in Prison Fellowship locally, please contact or call the Prison Fellowship office on 0207 799 2500.

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